About Us

Our Story

It all started with a little serendipity in 2017 at a NYC bagel shop; ordering a vegan bagel with tofu spread.

Our Mission & Approach

We aim to make the most delicious dairy-free product alternatives in the world, without compromising on quality or weird ingredients.

Meet the Team

The people behind the cheese. That's us!


Hadara Slok

Co-Founder, Head of Food Science and Production

Hadara grew up in Utah and was raised by a vegan family. She's been vegan her whole life. She was inspired by her mother, a brilliant master food scientist. For decades, she has been tinkering with delicious vegan recipes, including cheese. She has studied with Russel James and the Vega Institute. She is a happy mom as well as a foster parent, helping the Jewish community of New York to thrive. She also has a thriving vegan chocolate business, Rawclates. In addition to her masterful background in veganism and food science, Hadara recognizes the need for food that addresses many health concerns of today, including allergies to nuts, soy and kosher diets.

Rainbow Peppercorn Chevre

Doug Cohen

Operations & Business Development

Doug recently sold his start up in the food industry to refocus his attention and energy on a plant-based food future. This was no small decision considering that his original start up was a butcher shop! After a constant search to source sustainable and transparent ingredients for his business and his customers, Doug found that the solution has to be plant-based. With that knowledge, Doug recently decided to team up with eseChé to turn their new vision for the future of food into a reality.


Cole Fox

Co-Founder, Lead Investor

Cole grew up in California and worked at his parent's restaurants, then went on to work at tech companies and now is in Private Equity. He always was curious about how diet affected his health and energy. After much self-experimentation, and the need for food to serve him with a fast-paced Silicon Valley lifestyle, he realized the profound effects of the vegan diet. He hasn't looked back since. Cole also has a vegan cookbook called Supplant.

Cole has deep experience in sales and business development, having scaled numerous software businesses that are in the 7 and 8 figures of revenue.


Maribette Espino

Production Sous Chef

Maribette is a long time apprentice of Hadara's, with a deep passion for culinary science and art. She has been an integral part of our development!

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