We gave up on the status quo

We weren't satisfied with what was out there. We love cheese just as much as you do, but couldn't find products that holds up to today's (and tomorrow's) standards.

Many folks want delicious cheese products that are built for different diets. What if there were products that satisfied these needs, aka you could have your cheese and eat it too?

So we created Ché

We believe that taste, quality, and integrity can all come in a single package.

Using organic sunflower seeds, coconut oil, cultures, spices, and decades of experience, we've come up with exquisite cheeses that contain no dairy, soy, or nuts. They're vegan, kosher, and made with all organic ingredients.

Our products



Check out our meltable mozzarella. Great for pizzas, caprese salads and more.

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Creamy, sharp, cultured and perfect with wine and cheeseboards.

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See all that we offer.

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